One Week of Twitter

Our one week of Twitter assignment was assigned to us in order for us to grasp the importance of exploring social networking, and trying something new. At first I was hesitant just as anyone would be trying something new, especially when you have had the wrong first impression, from word of mouth at that. Twitter is a social networking web-site used for fun, for business purposes, for inspirational purposes, or even research, and many more things depending on the user. It consists of a web-site where one creates an account and a Twitter name, this name shows up as your name when someone goes to search for you, or on someones screen who is “following” you.

Upon creating my account I was hesitant at first, and even after my first few “Tweets.” I did feel like I was just writing things to myself, and that no one was reading them. After a while of using Twitter I found it very useful to follow businesses, Pastors, Artists, CEO’s, and many more. Twitter isn’t what a lot of people make it out to be, it’s not a web-site where you simply tweet what you ate for breakfast, or where your going, there’s much more to it than that. In order for one to truly grasp the positives of using Twitter, I would encourage everyone to sign up and create an account, it’s free and there’s no hassle or junk mail that comes from it. There are several web-sites people have created listing interesting people to follow on Twitter, whether it be artists, or professional sports players, authors, directors, CEO’s, you name it. So choose your preference and sign up for an account, if you’re not sure what exactly to tweet about, or what you should say visit this link for more information, it’s a pretty insightful article written in the New York Times.