Media Relations (Ch.3)

Several organizations, businesses, and other groups interact with the news media. I’m going to explore and outline chapter three in my Reputation Management chapters posted online for my class.

Organizations and businesses build long-term relationships with reporters, they do in order to maintain coverage and publicity for their organization. Reporters also benefit from these kinds of relationships because it’s part of their job, and also happens to be how they make their living.

Media Relations consists of many things, and can be viewed as a very important part of business when dealing with the media. In media relations one needs to strategize and develop procedures to monitor and manage the contact between an organization’s employees and reporters. One can only imagine both sides of the playing field and how hectic things can become when all sorts of media companies began to make phone calls when ones business has a thorough news story, or how frustrating it might become to a news reporter when they have several little businesses and organizations calling in trying to publicize their business/organization for no charge. It all comes down to who has the better judgement, and using that judgement when running a story, or finding a story to run.

When should an organization communicate withe News Media?

  • When the organization knows what the facts are.
  • When the organization is prepared to disclose those facts, with a single voice.

-Building a good working relationship with journalists:

  • Understand and respect the perspective of the other.
  • Treat each other with dignity and honesty.
  • Respect the timetable that reporters work under.
  • Deal forthrightly with the journalist, even when they disagree.

The media doesn’t always have the “right to know”.

  • Proprietary Information.
  • Personal Information.
  • Information that is not fully developed.
  • Security concerns.

A few tips on success in Media Relations:

  • Communication skills.
  • Conviction.
  • Quality of product or story.
  • Preparedness.