Social media, Social networking, these terms may sound foreign to fairly new users of things such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook and many others. Personally I feel like I’m the only college student who does not have a Facebook. There are several reasons why I choose not to take part in that area of social networking, one main reason being I see how addicting it is, and how much of a “time waster” it can become if not used properly. There are many ways these forms of social media and social networking may be used in ways that help businesses grow, promote artists, or even help others find jobs that pertain to their liking, no matter what it may be there are both positives and negative views and results.

Titled “the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the internet itself,” in an article titled ‘Social Media will change your business’ social media has grown, and will only continue to grow larger in the years to come. Appealing to all ages, all interests, all opinion Blogs and such continue to become a form of influence like we have never seen before. If we were to interview those growing up anytime before the 2000’s and asked them how much harder was it to become famous than it is now in 2010, I’m sure their answers would all be the same. It’s no secret that now more than ever people are becoming “famous” off of things like Youtube, Myspace, even Twitter and many more of these Social Networking sites. One of the main reasons I believe these networking sites continue to grow at such a rapid pace is because they cost nothing! So you can’t lose.

I first began using Twitter about a year ago, I created it because it was an assignment for a Public Relations class, and at first was hesitent just like anyone would be with using something new, but sure enough I continued using it even after the class was over, even encouraging more to sign up to see what it had to offer. Many people have the wrong impression of Twitter, the same as I did. I had the idea that Twitter was just a site with text where lonely insecure individuals write their every move, what they eat for dinner, where they are going and so forth, but it’s not like that at all! Yes, there are probably some out there who use it for those purposes, but the vast majority use it with their own creative unique touch. So I encourage everyone to simply “try it out” before you assume, and jump to conclusions. So give it a shot, what do you have to lose!