Fortune 500 Company Choice

In my ‘Corporate Public Relations’ class we are to choose a Fortune 500 Company, research it and write about it for our final project. I chose Apple because it’s one of the most influential Company’s of our generation, and many generations to come. It’s no secret that Apple Inc. is the most influential company in the technology field, I don’t think I know one family that doesn’t own at least one Apple product. Apple probably has one of the largest fan bases’  known to mankind! Everywhere we turn there’s the symbol so many of us are overly familiar with, whether it’s on the T.V. screen, the Movie screen, or everywhere on our college campus. I’m sure Apple has it’s “haters” out there, but the vast majority of this generation either has a “Mac” or wants one.

Without a doubt Apple has done nothing but grown since their development of home computers. Their marketing, their management, everything just seems to be perfected. One thing in particular I want to find out about in my research is why they choose to release upgrades of products so soon after their release. It seems discouraging to buyers, and causes those who want to be buyers to become hesitant to purchase a product from Apple due to their history of re-releasing products with upgrades with the following year of releasing the first edition. 

In researching Apple Inc. I plan on learning more about their development and marketing strategies because there is no other way to describe their staff/team other than pure genius. For instance, just look at the iPhone and how it opened so many new doors to the kind of technology available today, with the motion sensor activity, to the amazing touch screen capability, and 4G network! It’s pure talent behind the Apple brand, it kind of reminds me of Charlies Chocolate Factory, not just because it was all white, but due to the exclusiveness of the location, and product/development. It truly is like a fantasy come true.

Apple has the secret, the secret to earning their consumers trust that they are always going to release top of the line products and have top of the line service. There are such “die-hard” fans of Apple brand I don’t see them going anywhere in the future, but merely moving up, if there’s any higher they can go.