My Blog Comments!

Comment 1; On Witness by New Beginnings:

First off I am a huge Lebron fan! And “Witness” fan! Great post, I definitely agree with the importance of keeping your image positive when you’re in that high of publicity. I agree, he does tend to complain and cry so to speak when calls don’t seem to go his way. But great post!

Comment 2; On Career career Career. Are you career minded? by Inside the world of Public Relations:

Very good post, like the description of all the years through schooling. I’m sure everyone would agree with you. And definitely agree with how important it is to grasp how to create and present your resume, and not making college a waste so to speak.

Comment 3; My reply to comment on “My Spring Break 2010

Thank you for your comment, I definitely agree with the whole city thing, and being able to snap for hours. Thank you for the encouragement.

Comment 4; My reply to compliment on “How to be successful in your job interview

Thank you for the compliment, I definitely have learned from experience how first impressions stick with people, and can make or break they’re reputation. Many people feel that people should accept them for who they are, but then they take it to the extreme, and feel like their freedom of expression is more important than their image. People will learn real quick though in the job industry that their freedom of expression wont get them too far in the business world.

Comment 5; On “Grand Finale

Great post! Definitely have to agree with you about the whole Twitter experience, the Blog Commenting, and the crises situations. It’s crazy how we have come to learn so much from a class where we weren’t really sure of what it was even really for. But in the end, I’d have to agree it was worth it! And blogging, and Twitter was a great experience, definitely something I can see myself getting into in the near future.

Comment 6; On Leadership Series: Brian Houston”

This was a great post, I really like your layout, and your wording was great. I really liked the beginning where you mentioned how church leaders are hesitant to make change, because they are scared of failure, or just plain scared of offending people within the church. In order for the Church to be effective, I feel we need to think outside the box, we need to find ways to be set apart from this world in a creative way, not a compromising way, not a legalistic way, but in an interesting way that may intrigue others, and appeal to others.

Comment 7; On “Top 10 from Public Relations

I definitely can relate to your comment on the use of media, I totally agree with you. I don’t think I have ever taken the time to read something online that didn’t have some kind of video or at least picture within the article. It totally adds to the feeling of the story/press, and intrigues readers, I almost feel as if us as readers need an image to place on the writing before we even read it. A title seems to no longer cut it.

Comment 8; On “PR Connections #11

Wow! I have heard about this commercial, but have yet to see it. Nothing really shocks me anymore in advertising, but this post definitely caught my attention. It’s creative though, in a way, a creative way to market I guess you could say. I guess they are taking the old saying literally, “If you can’t beat em’, join em’. I will definitely keep an eye out for this commercial though, interesting post.

Comment 9; My reply to compliment on: “My Spring Break 2010

Thank you for the comment. And I feel like the city life is either loved or hated, depending mostly upon the age of a person, and what their hobbies consist of. Many people love the city because of the many things to do, than they seem to become so dependent upon events and things being held within the city, that they lose their natural passion for life, things like reading, and doing family oriented activities that don’t require going out to a social event.

Comment 10; On “Chapter 7-16 overview

I really like how you laid out this post, how you summed them all up in one post, and got straight to the point. One of the chapters that interested me most was chapter 9 on ‘Public Opinion and Persuasion.’ I added some moral standpoints in my post on chapter 9, and how in the marketing world people tend to choose money over morals, and persuade customers to make them feel like they “need” a certain product or service. Anyways, great post!