Honesty in Business

In any business it becomes very easy to mislead the consumer, for the sake of getting that next dollar. It becomes a “by any means necessary” sort of thing. It’s easy for people in class to say when the teacher asks, that they would remain true to their beliefs, and their “standards,” and be honest in their business, but it’s a different story when they are in the “real world” with a family to feed and provide for.

Even if one has enough to feed their family, it only gets more tempting to be dishonest the higher up one gets on the income scale, the dollars become addicting. Many thrive off of getting over on this customer, and cheating out that customer, it’s really sad. There are honest, trustworthy business owners out there, there are those who truly do value their customers, and don’t just say so on the commercials and advertisements. These are the men/woman who work hard, and believe in honesty, and believe that what you sew, you will reap.

In the Church there is a term tithing, many are aware of this term, but for those who arent, a tithe is you giving back 10% back to what God has blessed you with, so each week, or two weeks, however often you are paid, you pay your tithe, and give back to God’s church, and anything more than that is a gift, it’s a sacrifice.

I have heard many stories of how individuals have complained, and had every right to, by saying they don’t even have 10% to give. I have also heard stories where individuals have literally had nothing left, and gave the little bit they did have, and God blessed them for that, and they would randomly start being blessed by God, whether it was someone blessing them with a new car or home, or whether things started turning for the better. I have learned from my father how important it is as a business man to remain faithful to tithing, and God will surely bless your business. But I’d like to encourage those who are dealing with situations where they can get some extra money if they would just twist the truth, or they could make that profit if they just sell that item that they know is not worth the money, I would like to encourage those to remain faithful to what is true, and be honest. Come back to a place where you have a conscious, don’t allow that knumbness to grow over your life, because it shows. Although we may think were fooling everyone around us, we’re only fooling ourselves. Don’t allow the knumbness to block out your heart.