Closing out for the semester

Mike from VA

As the semester is coming to a close, I would like to express how much this experience of blogging has helped me to grow in my writing skills, and has encouraged me to blog in the future. I have a new developed passion for blogging, and for writing even. Although I don’t enjoy sitting at the computer much, and not being active, I do enjoy the thought of someone else, somewhere else reading what I have to say.

It’s pretty cool how far technology has bought us, It’s pretty cool to me how I can sit here in Florida at college, and write something that someone thousands of miles away can read. I just hope that one day my writings and my photography may be able to inspire someone else, encourage someone else, and be a light to all those out there who need it. I have a sense that there are so many out there who have such strong potential but get caught up in the everyday distractions of life, and they tend to feel the same as I do at times, like a zombie almost just walking through the motions.

Love is what keeps me going, love for my beautiful family, love for my beautiful girlfriend, love for my inspiring friends and peers. It’s difficult for me to comprehend the feeling of a life gone to waste, it’s something I have thought about a few times. How someone can go they’re whole life without really caring for anything, or anyone. I can’t imagine the loneliness that comes with that. I wish I could talk to these people and show them that I care.

Many people don’t care what that lonely person has to say, or how that homeless man on the corner got there, I just wonder sometimes, what the world would be like if we were all full of love, if we would all show love, and be kind, and show that we care about others through our lifestyle. I mean imagine a world where no one was alone, even if they didn’t have their vampire teeth. (Story from ‘Where the wild things are’ movie)

What if we all accepted each others differences? What if we saw the true beauty of acceptance, and we actually thought about those that aren’t normal to their standards? What if we stepped out, and we found a new way to live, a new way to live with love?

I don’t normally like to think with a “what if” mentality, and I can’t stand “should a, would a, could a’s.” But! Sometimes it takes asking ourselves these ‘what if’ questions in order for it to touch our hearts, and help us to make the difference. I, along with many others long to make the difference, I’m not saying I am a perfect example, or that I have it all figured out, because I make just as many mistakes as the next man. I’m just your unordinary 22-year-old male who’s trying to find his way.

Will whoever reads this post join me in making the difference? Will we not wait to “learn our lesson” or see someone else broken down due to us not showing them love, lets stand together, lets love together as odd as that may sound. You know?

-Mike from VA

Mike from VA