Throughout my walk as a Christian, I have come to realize that witnessing doesn’t always have to come through your lips, but rather your lifestyle. I have read book after book, where it touches on theology, and how so many people focus so hard on it that they lose site of what it truly means to have a relationship with Christ, and truly live for Him. It takes deep compassion to strive towards an intimate relationship with Christ. Christ judges our heart not our mind. So for many of us that becomes a problem because we have become so intrigued with manipulating those around us about how good were doing, and how we seem to have it all together.

I read a story in a book by Charles R. Swindoll, “So, you want to be like Christ?” He told a story about a young man going into seminary school, and how when the boy went in he was so strong in His faith, and going hard for the Lord. Then, when he graduated he said that when he came into the program he was in love with Jesus Christ, but that now he was in love with the Biblical text. How sad is it that when we focus too much on the Bible that we forget that we have to apply it, and not just know and memorize it?

How many of us are like this, when we go to our feel good services on Sundays so that we can simply feel better that we went to church for the week. I personally long for the day where I apply God’s laws to my everyday lifestyle, and where I learn from the experiences of those in the Bible, because that is true wisdom. So may we all live to witness and not just talk the talk, but walk in Christs love, and be that Godly example for those who have never experienced Christs love.