Where’s the passion?

No matter what it may be, whether it’s athletics, writing, photography, building, designing, selling, preaching, speaking, we all should find something that we are passionate about! So many people fail to meet there full potential because they either get discouraged, or they have too many distractions in their life misleading them from what they once loved. A passion can be whatever you want it to be, a passion is something one takes great pride in, and loves to do. They could do it forever!

Some have a passion for photography, therefore they enjoy taking pictures, they have a sense of peace in that, they enjoy that. Others may take pride in weight training and taking care of their bodies, no matter what your passion is, go after it, and be the best you can be at it.

I have found many passions throughout my 22 years of life, I have a passion for writing, a passion for art, a passion for photography, a passion for sports, a passion for being healthy, and training, a passion for movies, a passion to help other people, a passion to serve, a passion to be a light. But, all of those passions will mean nothing if none of the are acted upon. Hoop dreams is a crazy term for me, because growing up I had hoop dreams, I had dreams of playing college basketball and someday maybe going to the NBA. It turns out that wasn’t God’s plan for my life, but that’s not to say that basketball can’t still be an outlet for me. You see, there are two sides to the term hoop dreams, those who accomplish their hoop dreams, and those who had hoop dreams, but never accomplished the dream part.

It’s time for people to start waking up. Personally I believe that this generation has so much potential! An unbelievable amount of potential is among us! It blows my mind to see how fast the youth is progressing, in all aspects, in education, in sports, in just about every area of life. But I leave it to the parents, to the mentors, and to the ones who know better, they are the ones who should set the example, and it is our job to help these young children go for their dreams, and bring that passion out in them. Without passion, we are as useful as a chicken with it’s head cut off. So may we encourage one another, and help each other find that avenue, and find that passion so we may progress together, and so that these talents and gifts don’t go to waste.