Where the Wild Things are

I can’t even begin to explain the beauty in ‘Where The Wild Things ARE.’ It might strike some as being a rather sad movie, emo so to speak, because that’s how it hit me the first time I saw it. What an amazing first time Imax experience! I feel as if this movie had an aim to all who are interested. Many peoples first response to this movie would be an assumption that it’s a “children’s movie,” while others would respond with “Hey, I remember that book from when I was a kid!”

It amazes me how director Spike Jonze could create a full feature film out of a story book not even 50 pages long, and even less words, mostly pictures. The way he took the characters roles from the book and bought them to the big screen, and created a personality for each character was pure imagination. I wonder if this film will get the recognition it deserves for the amount of creativity placed in it. But than again, does creativity ever get the respect it deserves?

Beautiful is how I would describe the cast, and the personalities of the characters, the way he created such odd but perfect, every day life personalities. The mood was set early in the film with the beautiful soundtrack playing in the background by Karen O and the kids.

I can see people in the movie now, hearing the characters voices, and seeing their personalities, and being like what in the world? That’s what makes it so beautiful! So many people I can see failing to see the originality, and the creativity behind this particular film. It’s one of those things that stirs up a passion within those who appreciate true art, or just art in general. Many will critique, many will hype up, and many will be nonchalant, and have nothing to say about the film. But that’s beauty, some see it, and some don’t. It’s all within the eye of the beholder.

It’s an all around great film to me! And the soundtrack or vinyl is definitely one to add to the collection for all the music collectors out there.


Get it at your local Red Box or at your local DVD retailers, buy the book for your kids, for yourself, or for your collection,  and check out the soundtrack, you wont be disappointed. 😉