Standards promote Character!

It’s easy for one to see how quick someone in a respectable position can off the edge, and we find out that that once respectable human being had lower standards than we placed on them. We than wonder where along the line did this person become this way? It’s easy, compromise. It willd destroy families, careers, and even character. That is why it is so important that one is to uphold a sense of character, that wont be compromised in any situation. If you have a solid set of standards, than you wont have to worry about falling to temptation to do wrong.

Many business leaders, natinal figures, people who are looked up to end up in the news, they end up as a was, or a has been, simply because along the way they lost sight of their standards. So, how do we engrave “wise standards” on our hearts? We simply pray for one, and we dwell in God’s word and allow His law to become engraved in our heart. Thats for starters, second, we must bring ourself to a place, to place ourselves mentally in a variety of situations we could possibly come across based on our working environment, our peers, every area of our life, we need to realize that in a split second our reputation, and our character can be diminished.

Our character is always at stake, and there will always be an opportunity to lower those standards, whether we are trying to “fit in” or we are to scared to stand up for what we believe in, and we find ourselves later wondering how in the world we stranded so far from the Godly standards we had before. Well, we can’t be ashamed. As simple as that. If you want to be a man/woman of great character, set standards for yourself, and don’t compromise them for anyone. Live with love, and protect your heart. Don’t allow the distractions of every day life to lead you astray from your Godly standards.