Servant Leadership!

For some reason it feels as if a lot of leaders don’t realize their duty is to serve, and to carry. I have taken several leadership classes, I have read several books for these classes many of them by John C. Maxwell. I have come to learn that to lead means to serve. Jesus Christ is the perfect example in this case. Great leaders make great servants. A friend of mine once told a story which could have been taught as a whole sermon, he talked about how he wittnessed to someone, how he would see this guy every now and than, he would greet him, chat with him, bring him food. He said he would do these things because he knew that if he served the man first, than the man would be willing to listen to him.

How affective would our fellowship and witness be if we were to serve those we are trying to reach, same goes for business leaders, and for those in any industry. Any business owner knows, that if you invest your time and money into serving the customer than majority of the time, it will come back around. If one sees the example of a true leader coming to serve others, how much more of a possibility will it be that they will someday use that same form of judgement, and serve others as they lead?

One can try to lead all day long by yelling, by punishing, by criticizing, but where will that get them? Where have you seen that form of leadership get those being led? First of all that makes those following you forced followers, and forced followers don’t tend to be to fond of their leader. They actually tend to resent him/her. So, where does this leave those leaders who have had a theory of scaring their staff/employees into doing the work “right” or “good enough?” It leaves them to come to a decision, whether to continue forcing their team to follow, where unhappy follwers don’t perform to well, and rarely follow and perform at the top of their game, the only way one can improve their team is to respect, and honor those whom are following, and have a sense of confidence in them, show them you trust them and they will show you great service.