Public Relations and the Law

In Public Relations, or in anything having to do with business or the public one has to be aware of the current laws. It’s very important that companies remain aware of laws, being in journalism, in television broadcast, advertising, anything really it’s very easy to get caught up in the glammor ad ignore copyright issues and things like that.

A person who is trying to pursue a lawsuit in defamation or in any false statement situation must prove a few things first:

  • the false statement was was communicated to others through print, broadcast, or electronic means;
  • the person was identified or identifiable;
  • there is actual injury in the form of money losses, loss of reputation, or mental suffering; and
  • the person making the statement was malicious or negligent.

Media Inquiries about Employees

Do Provide:

  1. confirmation that the person is an employee
  2. the person’s title and job description, and
  3. date of beginning employment, or, if applicable, date of termination.

Do Not Provide Employees:

  1. salary,
  2. home address,
  3. marital status,
  4. number of children,
  5. organizational memberships, and
  6. job performance.

Most people tend to forget that the same laws of this world, are still laws in the virtual world of the internet. Whether it’s posting false information, or false identity, laws still apply.