New Technology in PR

Technology will never stop, and as of now technology continues to grow at such a rapid pace, that within a few years we will have furthered ourselves so far into technolgy, that what it took scientists and people in the works to create years ago, we can do within months. The times are moving, and moving fast. In chapter 13 of my textbook it talks about technology and advancements with this being such a technology based generation, and different things companies may use to gain exposure in various industrys and businesses.

With blogs, moblogs, and vlogs, podcasting, brochureware, and many more coming into the world of marketing and public relations it’s now easier than ever to gain exposure. Well to at least put yourself out there. There are various web-sites, including the infamous youtube, WordPress blogging, and several others to get yourself into the public’s eye.

Mailing lists, online conferences, graphics & design, photography, and news releases are just to name a few more. With social networking web-sites, and access to those sites through cell phones it’s only growing to be more unbelievable the further we advance. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how convenient technology has made our lives, but is it getting to a point to where our privacy is at stake? Just something to think about.

Many writers, photographers, movie makers, and just people with dreams in general are able to get their work out their and exposed, all within the click of a button. Being one who is into photography and writing, I can’t imagine the work individuals had to do just twenty years ago to get their work exposed. Now, there are several web-sites, that one can post their work on for free!

Basically with all the resources businesses have available to them it makes it cheaper, and more convenient for creative avenues to advertising. And if companies were smart, they would use these free avenues to get their product or service out there.