Effective Writing

In writing, whether it be for journalism, magazine writing, PR, news, books, whatever it is, in order to be effective it has to touch the readers in some way. Whether it’s relating to the audience, or appealing to the audience, or intriguing to the audience, it has to be one. One’s not gonna read something that doesn’t interest them or appeal or even relate to them. They say one can most effective in teaching another when they can relate.

In writing, one must be appealing to the audience, most of the time that requires painting pictures with words. In books this is very important, it’s what brings the reader into their own little world, and that’s when one can’t put a book down. Sure some people are talented enough to write a news story, or a feature story and it be good enough to make it to the final copy of the newspaper, magazine article, whatever, but is it truly great writing if it’s just merely good enough to make it?

Is that even being true to the art of writing? It’s like one who is a painter, who either has the ability to paint a masterpiece, but throws some paint on a canvas and calls it a day, or those who aren’t good at all but can manage to “get by” with their painting.

Writing is an art, it’s an art that has been around for ages, and should be respected the same as any other form of art. Words, words in books touch people, the same way images touch people, it becomes engraved in ones mind. If you can get through to one with your writing, chances are very high that they will want more of your writing. People have favorite authors for a reason, the same as they have favored column writers, the same as their favorite designers. For all the writers out there, stay true to the art of writing, express what it is you feel, and if it is news writing, write what is truth, write what the public needs to hear. That’s a whole different story, because who’s to truly say what they “need?”