Education, of HIGH IMPORTANCE.

Now more than ever many are saying college is a must for a promising future. There are several “I made it” stories out there, and they are great stories, about individuals who now own multi-million dollar businesses, and the furthest their education goes is their senior year in high school. It’s no secret that times have changed, and that through this recession that jobs are extremely hard to come by. I know business owners who have applications rolling in for sales positions, and for other positions that anyone “used to” be able to get, but these applications aren’t from your typical  individuals trying to get a sales positon, they are highly qualified individuals, with several degrees, and masters in hand!

It blows my mind when I think about this, here I am a college student not really thinking about career options just yet, well thinking about them, but not registering it in my mind that it’s not gonna be an easy task. I read an article “10 ways to save money during the recession,” and one of the top things on the list was for parents to invest in their childs education. I have heard before that colleges and universities are at an all-time high attendance rate, this means there is a higher percentage of kids going to college than ever before. That means that there are going to be more individuals who are highly qualified for job positions, which also means that getting a job is going to be no where near as easy as it used to be.

I’d like to encourage those who are going to college, to not just go and focus on the books, as odd as that might sound, but to get experience! Get hands on, if it’s possible get a part-time job while your in college, if you can manage your academics and the job while still performing well in both. Experience speaks louder than GPA.