Public Opinion

It’s no secret that companies, firms, and brands care about how the public views them. Sometimes it fails to come across that sometimes the public doesn’t have as strong an opinion as companies think. I would have to agree that companies should have public opinion on their priority list. You have to maintain a respectable composure, because one slip up can ruin the reputation of a company just the same as it can a person.

Persuasion. That’s also a big one for companies when the public comes to mind. In order to be effective in business a company either has to persuade the buyer/consumer that they need to have their product, and that it will make life easier and more convenient, or as some companies may do, they let the product or service speak for itself. I was interviewing a local barbershop owner where I go to college at, and I asked him what he does for marketing. He responded that he places a couple of coupons in a local magazine, and does a few cross marketing things, but nothing big. Many people feel that in order for a company to be effective they need to market market market! And convince the public to come in, as if their product isn’t good enough to speak for itself.

I’m not saying advertising isn’t a huge part to success for companies, I’m saying that sometimes depending on the size of the business, the public can do the marketing for you, through word of mouth. That comes back to the public opinion, and carrying a well-respected composure towards customers.

In my Public Relations textbook in chapter 9 there are statements that appear in public opinion research. It pretty much elaborates the importance of public opinion, how the public may be portrayed, and how things may be interpreted by the people of the public, and how different events may trigger emotions and things like that.