Planning for PR!

Planning should be a major part of our daily life, ot should also be a major part in any PR professionals every day life. According to Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics textbook program planning is the second step of the PR process following research. Organizations are said to start by making plans to do something about an issue or situation. Public Relations planning should be strategic. It shouldn’t just be about hype, research and quality time needs to be put in, in order for effective results. “Strategic planning is deciding where you want to be in the future (the goal) and how to get there (the strategies).

In the textbook there is a Strategic Planning Model available:


  • Category Facts. What are recent industry trends?
  • Product/service issues. What are the significant characteristics of the product, service, or issue?
  • Competitive facts. Who are the competitors, and what are their competitive strengths, similarities, and differences?
  • Customer facts. Who uses the product and why?


  • Business objectives. What are the company’s business objectives? What is the time frame?
  • Role of Public Relations. How does public relations fit into the marketing mix?
  • Sources of new business. What sectors will produce growth?


  • Target audiences. What are the target audiences? What are their “hot” buttons?
  • Current mind-set. How do audiences feel about the product, service, or issue?
  • Desired mind-set. How do we want them to feel?

Key Message

  • Main Point. What one key message must be conveyed to change or reinforce mind-sets?

Throughout this particular chapter there is so much information and helpful tips for planning effectively in public relations. There is eight basic elements in public relations planning.

  1. Situation
  2. Objectives
  3. Audience
  4. Strategy
  5. Tactics
  6. Calendar/timetable
  7. Budget
  8. Evaluation

Than the chapter continued to elaborate on these elements. I learned that one should never place results before the plan. One has to plan effectively in order to get great results. To many times we may catch ourself calling our chic’s before they hatch so to speak.