(Desire): the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state.

Lebron James

Whether we are striving for an NBA title, or striving to make a difference in the world, we all have some form of desire within us. It’s something that lies deep within us, sometimes we discover what that desire is in it’s early stages, others it takes a lifetime to figure out what that feeling was for. I heard Desire best described in a book actually called Desire by John Eldredge, that many people especially Christians associate the term desire with evil, whether it be with sexual desire, or some other form of “evil desire.” He went on to explain that desire is something that comes from the heart, and that God places certain desires within our heart for a reason.

I read a verse in the Bible, and I can’t recall what verse or book right now, but, it was a verse referring to how we should guard our hearts, and another verse went on to say how we should not be deceived by our hearts. You see, I always heard growing up that we should “follow our heart,” and I thought that if somehow you could comprehend what your heart was saying than you could never go wrong. It turns out I was wrong, we can have desires that come from our heart, but not from God. It is up to the individual, whether you are a firm believer in Christ or not, to seek out what it is God is trying to say to you, and to evaluate and eliminate your fleshly desires, eliminate the “evil desires” of your heart.

So may we all continue to seek out that desire from within, not that dream, not that wish, but that desire that God has placed within our hearts, and carry out His plan for our life, if that is your desire. 😉