PR Departments and Firms

Throughout my learning experience in Public Relations class, I have yet to truly grasp what Public Relations firms, and agents do. After reading through Chapter 4 in my Public Relations Textbook, I kind of have a grasp of what it is they do.

Pubic Relations firms are often referred to as agencies in the trade. The United States has the most PR firms with an estimated 7,000 companies. Check out the PR Firms web-site.

There are many services that Public Relations Firms provide. Ill provide the list found in Chapter 4 so that you too may be aware of what exactly PR Firms do:

  • Marketing Communications: This involves promotion of productsand services through such tools as news releases, feature stories, special events, brochures, and media tours.
  • Executive Speech Training: Top executives are coached on public affairs activities, including personal appearances.
  • Research and Evaluation: Scientific surveys are conducted to measure public attitudes and perceptions.
  • Crisis Communication: Management is counseled on ways to achieve official and public support for such projects as building or expanding a factory.
  • Media Analysis: Appropriate media are examined for targeting specific messages to key audiences.
  • Community Relations: Management is counseled on ways to achieve official and public support for such projects as building or expanding a factory.
  • Events Management: News conferences, anniversary celebrations, rallies, symposiums, and national conferences are planned and conducted.
  • Public Affairs: Materials and testimony are prepared for government hearings and regulatory bodies, and background briefings are prepared.
  • Branding and Corporate Reputation: Advice is given on programs that establish a company brand and its reputation for quality.
  • Financial Relations: Management is counseled on ways to avoid takeover by another firm and effectively communicate with stockholders, security analysts, and institutional investors.

Many PR Firms have done away with associating, and including the term Public Relations in their firm name. They often use the term communications. “Increasingly, public relations firms emphasize the counseling aspect of their services, although most of their revenues com from implementing tactical aspects, such as writing news releases and organizing special events or media tours.”

I can see why firms have shaded away from associating their name with the term public relations because all to often the term carries a reputation, and not always a good or productive one. It’s part of business, you have to make sure your name carries a strong reliable reputation, a sturdy foundation so to speak. So if eliminating, or slightly adjusting the name of a firm or business to make sure that reputation is carried out, than so be it.