Some advice for new PR student bloggers…

As we get closer and closer to the end of the semester and closer to the end of my Public Relations Applications class, I have evaluated and came up with a top-ten list with  some advice for PR students who are new to blogging. I’m just gonna provide it in a list form than elaborate after each one to make it more applicable, and understandable.

1.) “Don’t knock it till’ you try it.”

An old saying many of us have heard, but is very applicable in today’s social networking. It’s hard not to be skeptical about something new. I just want to encourage those students, and anyone who has been thinking about it, or even hsn’t thought about it, to try it out. Try Blogging, try Facebook, try Twitter, and whatever else may be out there, just don’t allow yourself to be consumed in it. I don’t have one and this is a main reason why, because many people talk about the “addiction,” and their countless hours spent on Facebook daily. So don’t allow something like this to consume you, maintain and modify the time you spend on these sites, and networks.

2.) Get out of your comfort zone!

People miss out on so much in life when they remain in their comfort zone, they miss out on opportunities of all kinds! Don’t be like that, don’t allow the power of fear to control you, you could truly miss out on so much. Also, Blogging may be out of one’s comfort zone, whether they are too critical of their work, or they are simply too scared for others to see their work. Don’t allow that fear to hold you back from exploring.

3.) Learn to take constructive criticism.

Many people let themselves get down when someone is trying to give them some helpful advice, or simply trying to give them some outside advice. By outside I mean advice from a different point of view. It’s like when a student allows another to proof-read his or her paper, it’s so they can catch any mistakes that you didn’t see, or maybe give you some helful tips on making a point better or something like that.

4.) “Run with it.”

If you have a topic or idea for a blog, pick it up and run with it. Whether it’s a news release or a feature story, or an opinion. Do your research, explore the topic at hand, and go off of what you know, and what you feel, and if you blog is one of personal opinion than make it that! Let the newspapers be the ones to release news. Express your opinion!

5.) Drive.

Although you may not feel like updating your blog, or someone gives you some kind of “constructive criticism,” don’t get down on yourself. Find something that motivates you to write, something that motivates you and gives you drive to write a new blog. And once you have established readers who follow your blog, they appreciate the updates.

6.) Action.

You have to take action! In order to gain readers/followers you have to update daily or weekly, just keep it consistent. Nobody is going to follow someone who updates their Blog every few months. Take pride in your blogs, and in expressing your own opinion. Sometimes reading other peoples blogs can become quite inspiring. And like I learned in class commenting on other peoples blogs attracts them to read yours, and you can even find a few classmates, or even people not in your class, and have like a team of bloggers, that way you can check each others, and comment on each others. It makes it that much more exciting when you know people are actually reading your writing.

7.) Never.

I say never because it’s a strong word with strong emphasis. I would encourage bloggers never to post something that you wouldn’t say in person, that’s another key point I learned in class. Never underestimate the affect of your blog/writing. You may inspire, and encourage hundreds of readers, never underestimate the affect of your writing!

8.) Resume Writing.

In class we learned a lot about writing resume’s, and the effect of a good strong resume. Always be honest on your resume, and make your resume appeal to the business you are applying to. Now some may say, wait by making it appeal does that mean we can twist it, and put things on therethat aren’t true? No it doesnt…it simply means that if you have something on your resume that wouldn’t really appeal to the company your’e applying to, than it would be unnecessary to put on your resume.

9.) Job Interviews!

Always dress respectable, and dress nice, reguardless of what kind of job you are being interviewed for. You never know what the manager is looking for! And a very important point I learned in class, is that the person interviewing you has seen hundreds of people like you applying for this same position. They say all the right things, they sound so perfect and so right, they have this degree, and this amount of community service, stand out! Stand out! There has to be something about you that will stand out to them, and make them say “hey, we should look into this one!” Make them like you, appeal to them in an honest way. Come in confident, not cocky, and always be respectful. But most importantly, be yourself! 🙂

10.) Make it count!

Whatever it is you are writing about, whether it’s for an assignment, or it’s for fun. Put your all into it, make it your best work yet! Be passionate about whatever it is you are posting! Don’t just rush through it cause it’s an assignment, or because you want to have something new on your blog, develop a sense of passion for your blog.