“Entermission Concert”

From L-R: This'l; K-Drama; Tedashii; Lecrae; Benjah; KD; In the back corner DJ Official and Sho Baraka

It was quite the experience at Crossover’s “Entermission” concert, hosted by DJ Official. As many gathered outside of Crossover’s old facility awaiting the highly anticipated concert full of today’s favorite Christian Hip-Hop artists, many took pictures and quoted lyrics from some of the artists songs. Magazines, flyers, and CD’s were available for free and for purchase at the ticket booth, refreshments were being served, and the line was being organized.

Being a concert with this kind of talent one could only imagine the number of people. The concert was amazing! It was my first time going to a Christian hip-hop concert since I was young attending a ‘D.C Talk’ concert a few times, so one can only imagine the “upgrade” I was about to experience. I have listened to nearly all of the artists, and was excited about seeing them perform live, mainly my favored artist at the time This’l (Pic below). I kind of wish I could go back and re-do the concert experience, due to the fact that I was behind a lens the whole time. It was my first big event since I got my camera and was really excited about being able to take it into the concert.

Me and This'l

The pictures came out great, and the experience was amazing. I have never met such humble “stars” so to speak. It was a crazy experience for me, here I am watching these guys perform on stage who I listen to on my iPod, and than afterwards everybody heads out back, along with the artists, and everyone is socializing and just chillin’. It was crazy to me how humble these guys were, taking pictures, signing autographs, and it hit me like this is one of the many things that seperate these artists from those in the secular industry. Reguardless of who makes more, these guys are “famous,” and they are hanging out with these kids at the concert like they’re part of the crowd. It was a beautiful thing to me.

Sho Baraka @ Entermission

Lecrae performing @ Entermission

Although it got a little hot due to the size of the facility, it was a great concert! And an even greater experience, and I’m looking forward to attending more events, and services over at Crossover Church! So if you’re ever in the Tampa area definitely go check them out! Visit their Web-Site for more details.