So earlier this week I am checking out The Hundreds Blog, and I see a picture of a guy named Toby Morse! And to many people, this name is probably not one that many of us are aware of, but maybe we should be. Toby Morse is the front man rock artist of the band H20, he is 39 years old and has never touched a drop of alcohol, never touched tobacco, and has never messed with or taken/used any kind of drugs.

Being that Toby is in the music industry, many find this hard to believe. Well, believe it! He has been drug-free for all 39 years of his life, and according to his program “One Life, One Chance,” he is going to remain that way. Toby continues to travel around the world, speaking to kids of all ages, anywhere from elementary to high school, encouraging them, and motivating them to not take part in the not so drug-free culture we live in today.

Toby travels to these schools with the objective to break stereotypes, and encourage kids that they don’t have to take part in these activities to be cool. With tatoos covering majority of his body, Toby definitely defies the stereotypes that come with being in the Rock music industry, and a band at that.

Toby travels telling kids his story, and how despite growing up around drugs and alcohol, he has remained drug-free all his life. He carries with him the motto of “P.M.A,” Positive Mental Attitude. Throughout Toby’s presentations at the schools, he normally has a projection screen where he shows the definition of Straight-Edge, he defines what it’s like to live life with a “Positive Mental Attitude,” and gives kids other routes to take so that they may avoid running into that temptation. He shows kids that there are other ways to be cool and have fun.

Toby has also traveled with other bands on tours, where he shares his message to the crowds all over the world. On his Web-Site One Life One Chance, it says he has been sponsored by Nike, and greatly respected by other artists, even sports players.

There is something we can all take out of this, whether you are one who want’s to be drug free, is drug free, or even a bigger point than that. If you believe in something, than you should stand up for it, no matter which way the culture is shifting, no matter what the critics say, no matter the stereotypes,  no matter if the majority of our population is doing it, if you believe in something, stand up for it, and don’t back down.