The Benfits of PR

Throughout my listening and observing of different PR interviews, I learned how important upholding your reputation can be. Not only the reputation you create, but the reputation others can create for you through Twitter, Blogging, and etc. I found it pretty interesting how someone who has a rather large voice can have such a strong impact on pursuading one’s opinion through what they say, blog about, or even tweet. Some companies stay on top of things like this, they search for their name, and any comments or feedback referring to their business. Google offers assistance with this with a thing called “Google alert.” It’s basically a program Google created for one to be aware of things being posted on the internet about whatever it is in which they are concerned.

In my listening to the ‘Inside PR’ @ I learned that one in PR needs to have intention, they need to have a certain objective. I also learned that through internet one can gain much publicity, now more than ever, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or the variety of blogging websites. These marketing tools can and are being used to build popularity, and builds the reputation for a company/individual. These websites and social networks build up or tear down businesses through the power of “word-of-mouth.” When I say word-of-mouth I simply mean the negative and positive that spread through the “posts” or “tweets” of other network users. In business today it’s very important to have a hand on the kind of publicity you gain through these social networks. If it’s negative or positive, sometimes feedback, or responding can be the best resolver. Feedback, which shows ones appreciation, and a response to the negative publicity can solve the problem, because at the end of the day more than likely most of the time it’s just a misunderstanding in which the company/individual would be more than happy to take care of.

In another interview I listened to was a by two gentleman who run weekly podcast, called ‘Marketing Over Coffee’ @ two Gentleman discussed how much information one can actually obtain through blog posts and through other social networks like Twitter. They mentioned a few web-sites and blog references that help with different sales and marketing techniques, and elaborated on how those who post such things make it very convienient for their readers to follow them.