Response to Interview with Kneale Mann

Throughout the interview with Kneale Mann and he discussed some interesting points in his position of Public Relations. He touched a little bit on a possiblitly of labor shortage within the next ten to fifteen years, and talked about how many people can Blog and express their opinion, but when it comes down to real journalism jobs, and writing jobs, not everyone is capable of being a great writer. He then went on to discuss blogging, and the importance of expressing ones self.

When asked what kind of advice he would share with individuals interested in blogging, he simply said find what you love and what your passionate about, find something that interests you and express yourself. You gotta start somewhere. He talked about how it’s mostly about sharing your personal opinion, and how important it is to write comments on other peoples blogs. Also, how we all want to live life with a purpose, and what better way to start than writing and expressing your mind and opinion. We all like the pat on the back, but it takes contribution.

I feel as if he said it right when he explained how one can start receiving compliments on their blogs, by simply reaching out and complementing others.