The Break Down from Interview from Martin Waxman

In an interview over skype my teacher Mrs. Nixon managed to get an interview with Martin Waxman, President and co-founder of Palette Public Relations inc. Throughout this interview she asked him a few questions while he extensively elaborated on the answer. He spoke on how Public Relations is about mastering social media tools, and being up-to-date so to speak in order to keep up with the technology that is so widely spread thoughout advertising. I never found Public Relations as widespread as it is. Waxman also touched on how one integrates tools into their communication strategy.

I feel like one going into the field of Public Relations should be up-to-date with technology, and with social media networks like facebook, twitter, and etc. One needs to understand Social Media and be aware of how it operates. Waxman also talked about how one can be amplified through the Social Networks so commonly used in todays advertising/marketing world. He went on to explain how without being aware of these things one has the possible chance of being “R.O.I” Risk of Ignorance.

I completely agree with him in this, especially if you plan on going into some form of business, I see it in todays world how so many elderly people aren’t necessarily technologically advanced, and it hinders them in a since when they aren’t able to do the things that would make their life a bit easier. I feel like it’s all on how one lives, what their job is, and what their everyday life consists of. I believe the more tools you have, the more prepared you are for success, and I look at being aware of today’s technology as a tool.