My Spring Break 2010

The view from South Beachs' Loews Resort

Spring Break was quite the experience for me, I traveled with my family, my girlfriend, and my sister’s boyfriend. Aside from the odd cooler weather than normally expected when traveling to Florida in March preventing us from really enjoying the beach, it was quite the experience. It was actually my first vacation/trip to a bigger city since I got my camera, and according to my eight hundred plus pictures, I definitely got my use out of it. While looking forward to taking using my camera, I always look forward to the experience. I definitely got that out of our all-day bike-ride trip. I can’t exactly tell you how many miles, or where we even ended, we started off from South Beach, at the Loews Resort, and ended up on some Island I believe. It was quite the trip. Although I can’t tell you the exact mileage, I can tell you that it wore us out, and we ended up paying this Hispanic guy to take us nearly half way back in his truck with the bikes in the back. What an experience right!

I got a lot of pictures on the bike trip, probably a majority of my pictures, but like the one you see above, a lot of them also came from the skyline of Miami’s own South Beach. One thing that was really a shock to me personally was I lost my love for Miami, as far as wanting to live there. You see for years we have visited South Beach for vacation and spent several days there, and I have always been a fan of getting the best of both worlds, you have the beach and the city in one, what more could you ask for right! But, that’s not how it went down for me over break. I have finally realized why so many people have given me that look when I say I’d like to live in the “City City” when I get older. I even gave in to “they’re” saying, “It’s a great place to visit, but not somewhere I would want to live.” Yep, that’s how I’m feeling now. Although I still want to visit, because they make great Photography spots, the “City City” is not really somewhere I’m a big fan of anymore.

The Rear-View

So anyways, after South Beach we traveled to my Mom’s favorite spot, which also happens to be the “Seashell capital of the World,” Sanibel Island! I also got some crazy pics there that I’ll post below, and when we got there, well to one spot by these rocks, there was a wedding photo shoot going on! Crazy right! I snuck in a few pics of my own. See below!

Lookin Up...from the Poolside

The Beach View

On "Solid-Rock"

On "Solid Rock"

Wave Rocks

"Fishermen's Sunset"