How to be successful in your job interview!

Your appearance makes all the difference! How many times have we all heard that a person can determine if your cmpatible with them within the first thirty seconds! They say the same thing about the first date, that the girl or guy will already have determined if they would go on a second date before the first five minutes of the date! That’s crazy right? Wrong! It’s true, and you know we all do it, we are so quick to base a persons everything based not only on how they are dressed but how they present their self.

Growing up I always heard how important it is to keep your composure because you may not know anyone at that mall, or at that store but people know you. Establishing that your appearance depending on the position makes all the difference. If one were applying for a job at a tattoo parlor it would of course be different than one who was applying at a Five-Star Restaurant. It’s common sense right, but one shoudl not underestimate the importance of their appearance. A few things I have come to learn about job interviews is not only appearance but approach. How you approach the individual or individuals interviewing you shows them a lot about your character and composure. Always keep your cool, and go in with confidence. Too many times I have seen people go into a job interview or a conversation even with an important individual and all the sudden they become so insecure and nervous. Go in with confidence, your being interviewed for a job not questioned for a crime. Although how this interview goes may depend on your bills getting paid, or whatever the case may be, confidence will go further than insecurity. By no means do I associate “cockyness” with confidence. That’s two different boats in my opinion.

I have a strategy, or tactic in a sense I guess, that no matter how important a person you approach them with respect, and with composure, but don’t act like a child who just saw their favorite music artist or something. Act like your on the same status so to speak, not with how you talk to them, but mentally, act like you guys are in the same position, whether you are talking to the head of the company or an assistant manager. Research the company/firm you are looking to work for! Maybe even try, if possible, to kind of get to know someone within the company and ask them questions maybe about the managers personality or personal questions, like how they feel about the company, how they are treated, things like that.

One of the most important things I have learned while growing up is follow up! Follow up on your itnerview with calling the company and asking about your application or your interview, and the position. It shows that you are highly interested in this job/position! It does make a difference, and there is a line between desperate and eager.  Show them that this position is really important to you, and that it is not just about the income but rather your passion for the position.Oh ya, and to all those who only focus on their school work through out college and stay in their dorm, you have to get out. Experience goes a lot further than GPA. Here are a few sources/web-sites that may be able to help further your knowledge on successful interviews. Good luck! 😉