PR Firm or PR Department?

Being in Public Relations many will be faced with the exact question I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. Being a fairly new PR Practitioner would you feel the smartest career move would be to go into a PR Firm or a PR Department? Personally after reading through section 4 of the ‘Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics’ text book I found it similar to one in advertising, I also found that a PR Firm was in a sense relatable to “those guys” on Wall Street. I pictured a young guy in a suit, with slicked back hair and a brief case. Maybe my image of a PR Firm agent is slightly off but thats what came to mind when reading about this position.

I would have to go with the PR Firm route, being fairly new to the world of Public Relations one normally wont have that much to back them up, and that’s where I feel like the whole firm thing would come in handy. One also being new to the field won’t have much a reputation in this field, or anyone to back their name up when big deals come around. This is for someone who hasn’t quite established a name for themselves in this field. A PR Firm would definitely be their wisest move, they would possibly be getting a slight pay cut from those who work within a/an Department but in the end it would be the wisest move to go into a place where you can establish not only solid experience within a fast-paced work place, but one establishes a name for themselves. That, and also PR Firms are at an all time rapid growing rate.

So personally the only disadvantages would be that one doesn’t really create their own hours, and won’t be able to work out of home so to speak, but they have “back up,” and in any media outlet or agency in this day in time back up is very important. PR Firms just seem more secure and have more of a success rate, also the field offers more jobs, and positions than a regular department does. I don’t know if this is the perception every one else may have but I kind of see a PR Department as one doing their own thing for the most part, working out of their house, but still having an office, and having a bigger name for their self as an individual, where in a firm, you establish the name for the firm. In the end ones decision should be based off of their experience in this field, and what environment would best suit them.