My Favorite time in Public Relations

Preferably I’d like to work in the era of Michael Jordan! In the time where Nike shoes really took off and Jordan made his debut sneaker in 1985, this was a great time in history as far as sneakers go. Not to mention all the controversy that came with his first nike shoe. The controversy came from the problems it caused him for wearing them in the league, with the colors supposedly not matching the teams jersey colors. This  was confusing for me because I wondered how his red and black sneakers didn’t match his red and black uniform, but it was simply because the NBA required you to have white on your sneaker.

I would have love to work as PR for nike in this time actually, because of the risks they took on giving Jordan his own sneaker. The second pair of Jordans is when they started to make it more about Jordan as a brand, and less of nike, the nike check/name was not as big on the second shoe. It wasn’t the main focus of the shoe. Nike took the big chance on Jordan with the signature shoe, and it paid off, and influenced other companies to begin sponsoring other players, and giving them their own signature shoe. Director Spike Lee played a major part in the advertising for this sneaker, from creative commercials to t-shirts to posters. It was a marking point in the history of nike.

I would have liked to play a part in the marketing theme that came along with the Air Jordan 1, it made a statement that the youth took hold of. With the controversy in caused in the NBA and Jordan still wearing them even after being charged nearly $2,000 a game, it became sort of rebel feel to it. And of course the rebelious youth took hold of this, and the shoe became quite popular more in the urban areas ad inner cities.

This time throughout the 80’s has had a strong influence even on youth today, a time known for being one of the favorite fashionable periods in history. It was just a beautiful time in history, for music, clothing, style, and uniqueness really. And that’s one of the main time’s in history I wish I could have played a part in public relations.

Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan 1 1985 release