Complementing fellow bloggers…

Personally I feel like blogging comments are such a strong and necessary sense of encouragement. How is an aspiring writer able to further their writing skills without constructive criticism and feedback from the readers? They can’t, It’s simply a necessity to move forward, like one needs to hit the gym and exercise in order to increase strength. So I encourage other bloggeers to comment and leave feedback on the other fellow bloggers, sew that seed and encourage someone.

An effective blog comment to me would be one that is constructive and informative to the writer, and can somewhat give them some advice to help improve their writing, and improve on reaching the readers and making their blogs relevant to others. In my opinion if one can write a blog that is applicable to someones life than they will have readers. Constructive criticism can only help one move forward, so let’s be encouraging and uplifting and straight forward on the comments, and see if we can make this a regular thing for other bloggers, even if you’re just one who’s in it for the blogging and have no interest in reading other blogs, be encouraging and step out to help the younger, less experienced bloggers and aspiring writers.