Man follows the voice of God

"Cross Carrier Chuck"

Today turned out to be quite a surprise and a true blessing for me. With creating this blog came much excitement, than came the discouragement of not really knowing what to write my first real blog about, but as most of us know that sometimes when we seem to be discouraged the most is when the hand of God tends to show up. I found it kind of amusing because today, the day where I’m discouraged and cant figure out what to write about, we come across a man who goes by “Cross Carrier Chuck.”

While driving with a few friends to explore the city of Lakeland, Florida we were crossing a railroad track up the street from our school. We were heading to take some pictures at a local park my friend was familiar with. On our way is when my friend driving spotted a moving cross. I had never seen anything like this before, we pulled off the road to get some shots without him noticing as our imaginations ran wild, wondering what kind of man this, and wondering what his intentions could be with carrying a ten-foot cross down one of the main traffic areas of the city. I snapped a few quick shots, and it wasn’t even a mile down the road before we turned around anxiously with the attempt to try and get a few more. Eventually we ended up conversing with this man who to our surprise, claimed he has been on his journey for ten years, since the year 2000, with his cross.

At this point I was in shock, and in admiration of the man. I really didn’t know what to say at this point. We asked a few questions, and shared a few compliments of how we admired him, and talked a little about God. He asked if we knew the weather cast for this week, and shared a little bit about his father in Minnesota and how he wasn’t doing to well, and continued to share with us how God has a plan. He shared that this was his fifth cross, and that the weather tends to break them down, as he leaned his cross closer to the car window to show me the cracks down the middle of the wooden cross. When asked how did he come across an idea like this one, he claimed he was on his knees in prayer for eight hours. Repenting and calling out to the Lord, he said he than heard a voice telling him to go outside. He did just that, and that is when God laid this mission on his heart.

All I could do was stare in amazement, and continued taking pictures of the man to make sure I never forget this moment. It was honor to meet Chuck, and encouraged me to not only eliminate the limits I draw for myself in life, but to eliminate the limits we tend to place on God. Most of all it encouraged me to no longer follow the norm. What shocked me the most other than the fact that he had been doing this for ten years, was that this man talked as if he hadn’t a single worry in the world. He had such a sense of peace, but at the same time a sense of urgency to continue his quest for God. We held hands with the man through a prayer led by my friend sitting in the backseat, and with a smile Chuck continued on his way.

It was a beautiful thing hearing Chucks story. I think most would agree with me when I try to explain how hard it is to fathom a man leaving his home, what has been the norm for so long to travel the world by foot, carrying a ten-foot cross on his shoulder. I admire the amount of faith this man has. I have never heard of “Cross Carrier Chuck” until today. And when I came back to my room and typed his name in Google hundreds of results came up. I read in one article that he never has more than just enough, and that everytime he gets down to his last dollar, a few more seem to come in. It amazes me how much faith a journey like this one would take. He told us that a lot of people sit around and talk about God’s grace and things, and he went on to explain that if you want to hear from God, you have to work. He explained that to us shortly after telling us about his experience with the Lord, after several hours of prayer.

Now whether some agree or disagree with Chucks say on grace, and how we must work, that’s irrelevant. Because for one to critique this man who picked up and left everything he has ever known a decade ago, to follow what God laid on his heart would be absurd. This is a true example of a man who really has placed all his trust in God. And I thought I had grasped what trusting God was all about, now I have a whole new view on what trust truly means, and to what extent it goes to.

So may we all be inspired by Chucks story. May we all take the limits off of life, and pick up our cross, and follow that voice within our hearts.

A few more shots I took of the man none other than “Cross Carrier Chuck,” and his cross.

"Walk by faith, not by sight."